How Fast Can You Find All 6 Turkeys Hiding in This Christmas Scene?

If you can do it in less than 3.5 minutes, you just might be a genius.

Despite the fact that you’d think we’d see it coming, the Christmas season has an amusing method for transforming into a frantic race to purchase and wrap presents, prepare treats, and crush in a larger number of gatherings than you’ve been to all year. We have one increasingly surge work for you, however this current one’s much more fun than holding up in line at the retail establishment.

A family is spending their vacation in an ocean side bungalow in Cornwall, England. In all the hurrying around of preparing for Christmas, however, they appear to have lost all the turkeys! It’s dependent upon you to find every one of the winged animals in time for the Christmas broil. When you’ve unraveled it, attempt these 12 analyst conundrums just the most brilliant individuals can split.

Remain in Cornwall, which set up this brainteaser together, stowed away turkeys in with the curious cabin’s celebrations. Put your peepers under a magnifying glass and check whether you can recognize every one of the six—and make it brisk! A great many people can comprehend this riddle in 3 minutes and 32 seconds, which just so happens to be the time it takes to tune in to John Lennon’s “Glad Xmas (War Is Over).” Crank up the tunes to get in the soul as you race the clock (er, melody) to assemble today around evening time’s supper.

Need a clue? A large portion of the turkeys are remaining warm inside, however one slippery feathered creature is taking this Christmas higher than ever. Gracious, and you get a reward point on the off chance that you can detect the turkey fake covering up in the enrichments … yet it doesn’t check in the missing six! Try not to miss these other 19 brainteasers that will abandon you befuddled.

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