25 Funny International Laws You’d Never Know Were Real

Vicks inhalers are forbidden in Japan

In Japan, over-the-counter hypersensitivity/sinus prescriptions that contain the fixing pseudoephedrine, for example, Vicks inhalers and Sudafed are restricted under Japan’s strict enemy of stimulant medication laws. Meds that include codeine are likewise denied and shouldn’t be brought into Japan.

Don’t eat on church steps in Italy

Be watchful where you devour a loosening up lunch or reviving drink in Italy. It’s an offense in Florence to eat or drink while sitting on chapel steps or inside a congregation patio. A similar law applies to eating close open structures. Nibble somewhere else and keep away from the fine. Peruse up on these odd things that have been prohibited far and wide.


Keep your top on in Fiji

Fiji is an excellent tropical heaven where sunbathing and swimming are a piece of day by day life, however don’t get captured with your jeans (or best) down. Open bareness and topless showering are unlawful here. Remain concealed and out of prison.

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