Best SEO Year Ever

the best SEO year ever my name is Eric

launchers and welcome

so we’re look at some of the highlights

of traffic research what’s happening

decides I’m going to discovery some of

the cool things that we found some of

the case studies all this good stuff

that’s happening inside traffic research

and talk about all the videos or not all

the videos some of the videos I’ve

actually had to skip many many videos

that I’ve made so I’m gonna look at the

highlights of some of my favorite videos

inside traffic research and of course I

can’t talk about traffic research

without first starting before we dive

into the videos of the forum so advanced

forms we’ve had over 300 topics this

year almost one per day with many

replies on all sorts of topics

contributions things I want to try out

some things people are just wondering

about inside traffic research forms if

you want participate it is a place to be

also we have link vault which you know a

lot of people sometimes do you think we

neglected we’ve actually had six major

updates throughout the year with many

other minor updates so if you haven’t

checked it in a while check it out we do

have links inside alright so let’s start

with the videos first video or not not

the first video but first video

highlight we’re gonna take a take a look

at is how Google is changing links so we

talked about a revolution in link

building and link penalties and Google’s

had gone through some major shifts and

they are going through major shifts in

2018 as well so that’s a video they

definitely want to check out Google

starting to use artificial intelligence

even more to detect spun content detect

how links are either natural or

manufactured they’re starting to ignore

many more links and this is one of the

big videos that you’re gonna want to see

if you haven’t you know done a lot of

SEO or haven’t been inside the core SEO

mindset for a little while this is a new

way that Google is analyzing and

reviewing links so we talked about that

then after that a speaking of Link’s we

went in and did a whole case study on

social bookmarking so social bookmarking

you know it’s a lot of you know should I

do it should I not essentially we went

and we went undercover and we busted a

technique that seemed to work but didn’t

quite produce the results so we went in

and we looked at tear linking with a

social bookmarks ative figure out hey is

it work

is it not what happens if we all pointed

to an article is it going to help move

it up and turns out didn’t it was one

other kind of like oh wow they are

selling this and it doesn’t really work

as advertised also we covered a brand

new backlink technique called the

reverse guest post now this was an

innovative whitehat backlink technique

really easy to do and it kind of gives

you like a lifetime of links now this

was so interesting essentially we were

setting up a contributor page and

setting up bait I showed everyone how to

do it step-by-step and this worked

almost too well I got so much attention

and I kept on getting people submitting

submitting post submitting posts that

made me pose I was like okay well this

is I still to this day get people every

few days emailing me saying hey we’d

like to be a contributor hey we’d like

to be contribute like non-stop so I

think I even I’m not even sure if I

think I either deleted the page or I

unlinked the page so you can’t really

find it unless you have a direct link

and I still to this day I’m getting

non-stop like requests like hey I’d like

to be a contributor so this concept

definitely did work it worked a little

too well I recommend if you do they do

do do this set up an alternate email

that you won’t ever see or if you do

want to see it and get the contributions

and you want to be active yeah so if you

had tahrir it’s a real site awesome if

you’re really taking care of it awesome

if it is a site that you don’t manage

all the time and I’m full time and

traffic research I don’t manage the

other sites this is yeah this works

alright so we’ve been spoon-fed links if

once you set up one of these pages where

to go and get links from so as I said

it’s worked out it’s worked out super

well go check it out also we talked

about search snippets the search snippet

domination in fact the beginning of year

Google was going absolutely bonkers with

search simple ranking above the number

one spot and we figured out how to abuse

this new Google feature for a massive

amount of exposure we went in we went in

hard I have provided a repeatable

formula for lining above the norm or in

spots some people were seeing results

within 24-48 hours

I did myself it was absolutely crazy

since then Google has changed things

they have

but they haven’t removed it they’ve just

changed things and we’ve adapted I did a

whole follow up series on how to get

inside the traffic the knowledge graph

is search snippet at the top in a

repeatable manner came out with scripts

came out with everything you absolutely

need to do know some formulas things

that I call Google food where you could

actually just plug it in to your

existing content as ranking to give

yourself a better shot of ranking above

number one exact recipes even up to the

point where I was giving copy/paste code

that you just literally copy paste put

your words in and you you will get it so

really crazy stuff that we went over at

beginning a year and as I did as I went

on I refined it and I have a whole

series on how to rank above the number

one spot awesome stuff moving on

also we covered one of the most

important ranking factors in Google so

it’s kind of like something we suspected

for a while but finally we were able to

confirm it and consider it a new ranking

factor which was essentially traffic

through links so we went over how that

apat you know that impacts you how to

use that knowledge to your advantage and

once again it varies depending on the

query that you’re going for so for high

competition queries it’s gonna matter a

lot more as opposed to low competition

queries and it also there’s ratios and

all that so I really went deep into like

what this means to you should you pay

attention to it should you make sure you

get traffic through those links or maybe

it doesn’t matter for you so go watch

that video it’s all about how to rank

for a really high competitive terms if

you are in a competitive industry with

your backlinks and not to waste money on

backlinks that don’t do anything or you

know that won’t help you all right

moving on well we have easy ranking

sales funnels so essentially a lot of

people you know in site traffic research

some of them actually know some of the

people in type traffic your research are

getting thousands and thousands and

thousands of ITER’s visitors but I feel

as if they’re not making the money that

they should from those thousands of

videos so decided to do a whole series

on easy ranking sales funnels so how to

convert and how to really think about

organic traffic and turn that into raw

dollars from their money so went over a

whole concept

making it really easy from start to

finish on how to build a funnel using

organic traffic to power your business

to grow your business to make sales

essentially turn the organic traffic

into money so went over the sweet spot

with the tops you want to write about

and topics it like hey if you worry

about this you’re not really gonna be

able to convert that into sales too much

and if you were too specific

it’s gonna be really hard to rank unless

usually using kind of like grey hat and

manufacturing or your links so you

trying to bring and map out an entire

funnel so if you haven’t seen that and

you are doing SEO go check out the

funnel video alright

also uncovering hidden backlinks now I

didn’t just focus on the core of SEO I

also came up with like new novel tricks

excluse and like link techniques

exclusive to traffic research so this

was one of those things that I it’s

basically how to find links on larger

sites so whenever you see people getting

links on big big sites let’s say you

throw in I know it’s a big site like I

know you use the Guardian I always use a

garden as an example and then you want

to figure out how to get a link this is

the video you want to see to figure out

in reverse engineer how people are

getting links on large sites so very

very easy to do once you know how yeah

and yeah go check out the video more and


speaking of links more links we went

over and it did a mega mega guide this

took a lot of time and energy to make

147 backlinks for maximum Google traffic

these are spoon-fed direct links and

direct links techniques and one of them

just as an example we request technical

helps you could be you could pretend to

be a clueless Internet user and go to

some websites and request help and when

you request help you mentioned you you

were on your site on there so if you’re

running a wordpress site you’re like hey

I’m trying to do this on WordPress and

just doesn’t work like check this out

and you should link your example site

you could link pretty much anywhere and

have a bogus problem and you end up

getting a link from let’s say WordPress

pretty awesome right so that that is

gonna be one of the like techniques and

one of the links that you can get inside

the 147 backlink mega package like check

recommend and check it out if you are

are wondering like hey how do I create a

link alright moving on we also had a

whole guide to scale from 0 to 200,000

visitors daily so this is a full guide

essentially to help you overcome

obstacles because even as we are growing

in our marketing and in our businesses

we always encounter obstacles I

encounter obstacles I know everyone

encounters obstacles and I’ve worked

with hundreds I think thousands of

businesses and clients and I have broken

down and in this video I kind of break

down the most common SEO and site

building obstacles that I see and help

you break through them so I basically

help you overcome let’s say you’re

between 500 and 2,000 visitors day like

what do you do next like what we’re

taking points that I see so this is a

kind of like a big video on overcoming

all the common obstacles that I see

along the way from from just starting

off when you’re like okay you know I’ve

been getting five people per day to my

website – I’m getting 10,000 visitors

per day to my website what do I do next

to get to like that the 50,000 visitors

per day so really overcoming the major

obstacles that pretty much everyone

encounters and one thing that I really

like about this is like that most of the

time the things that you got you to a

certain level are not the things that

are gonna get you to the next level

after you have to start you have to keep

on doing different things when you’re

dealing with a site that has 10,000

visitors per day compared to a site

that’s getting 200 visitors per day like

the link building is different for

instance so all these things to get to

that next level all right speaking of

backlinks we also we went hard on

backlinks how to get the seven

foundational backlinks so this was a

really core SEO material this is kinda

like things that I believe everyone

should see when they are starting a

website or when they have a website how

to really get the cord foundation this

was a video I put a lot of thought and

effort into it and I go over one major

concept the gatekeeper concept where the

most valuable links on the Internet are

the ones that not everyone could get

because if you just sign up I say you

just go and you sign up for LiveJournal

and anyone can sign up it is not that

doesn’t necessarily make a valuable link

so I go over what is a valuable link how


the valuable links and we go over like

essentially like that I just show you

like techniques to get valuable links do

this this is it this get seven of them

and then you have a foundation for your

website to build on all right hope you

guys are enjoying this

speaking of Link’s you know one of the

techniques like just one of them this is

not like the technique but one of the

techniques is you can actually become a

contributor in some pretty high up

places some pretty big magazines and

pretty big websites and because that is

an effective method we kind of expanded

on that and actually gave you a whole

list of like direct places where you

just sign up and become a contributor

yet someone to do it for you essentially

I was trying to spoon-feed and really

make it as easy as possible and save you

as much time as possible to become a

contributor if you want to go that route

so all the research we took care of it

all the finding the links all the

application forms all like everything we

took that we could possibly take care of

we took care of it and just gave you the

direct go here do this and then you’ll

get success so that’s another thing we

went over also we went over building

site Authority because this is another

thing that is very important in Google

I’m actually going to be revisiting that

and expanding on that in even further in

the future and I went over building site

Authority using automation and also

natural white hat techniques so Google

cares about Authority we know that there

is Authority using reputation signals

and they talked about that inside

Google’s own guidelines and also

backlinks so in the future when we’re

talking about backlinks for authority

and now we even covered a video on how

you could use brand searches to create

Authority so one of the brands one of

ways to create brand searchers that I

went over many automated ways but I also

went natural ways and showed natural

ways to get brand searchers back to your

site by triggering curiosity of people

unrelated industry websites this threat

which worked out actually really really

well so much that I did a case study on

it so we did a mini case study and I it

took like what is it like two three

weeks so we did a natural case idea and

I showed how you know it’s possible to

do use the white hat techniques to


create awareness for your site really

create real brand searches and I showed

how they showed up in my webmaster tools

so essentially all this stuff is not

only theory but it’s stuff that I put in

practice and on I do case studies to

show you like hey this stuff I’m

teaching you here or showing you here it

really works here’s the proof so

whenever I can when I have the resources

that’s what I’ll do and I’ll just

literally do a mini case study or just

show you like in action how it works

moving on speaking of showing you stuff

that hi and how it works we did a major

major major major on-page guide so this

was basically to answer the end-all of

like on-page did so many experiments I

mean I mean pages and pages and pages of

experiments dozens and dozens of tests

over a span of months for this like and

then essentially measuring the impact so

images for instance does an image of a

table above the fold impact the amount

of time on page and we did a case that

Ian showed like yes it does

significantly increase and then using

all this data of all the results from

all the the Ted the dozens and dozens

and dozens at tests that we did we

finally created traffic research on page

templates so I created on page recipes

and on page templates for different

scenarios not only did you create the

templates but also made him alive so it

wasn’t just like a recipes or like a PDF

you could download this was like live

stuff with URLs that you could go and

touch and feel and scroll through the

page just to understand and really get

it of like oh this is eyes you know I

could just mimic this copy it’s not

exactly copy/paste but I could just use

this template and make it look like this

and I will have success so I really

break down everything such as like where

I would placing the images table of

content the internal links the external

links the related words the keywords

everything really went into depth I’ll

put a lot of work in efforts just so you

guys could have the best understanding

possible of how to rank as well as

possible with the on-page moving back

you know like SEO is really on page and

it’s also links so we went back to links

and a lot of people might didn’t want or

have time to build their own links so I

really looked into link providers and we


navigated linked providers how to pick

out the best links and avoid scammers

especially there’s a lot of you know

paid guest posts out there paid links

like who’s providing good and how do you

recognize what is good and how do you

avoid all the crap so you don’t waste

your money

so essentially navigating the the good

and the bad was one of the I think it’s

a very important video that everyone

should watch if specially if you’re

gonna go out and shop and buy and invest

in any sort of links this is definitely

a much must watch um I talked about how

to find the golden links for cheap

because even using certain vendors

sometimes some vendors have like they’ll

have 80% of links that are crap but 20%

are really good so you get those 20% and

you forget all the rest vendors will

usually have kind of like a wide

assortment I’ll sell you all kinds of

stuff you’ve got to be be able to pick

out the good stuff and this is the video

for you also speaking of you know

picking out the good stuff we talked did

a whole series on quickly producing

content that rank so this is a series on

creating a marketing engine it’s just

not it’s not just creating one piece of

content it’s creating multiple pieces of

content to really grow and your

marketing engine is as I as I call it

and this is a high level content

production so I’ll show you how to use

the templates how to go from A to Z like

hiring people how to map out your your

ideas and topics what you want to write

about how you want to name it everything

you need to know to essentially you do

marketing with SEO so search engine

marketing what is that that this is this

is this entire series in a nutshell so I

hope you guys have enjoyed that or and

if you haven’t seen it what are you

waiting for go watch it

moving on then we went back to link so

the content links content links back and

forth back and forth back and forth this

time was with PB n so PB ends was a

people a lot of people were interested

in PB n so we covered what still works

with PB ends now Google has been hard on

PB s they’ve been like crashed now they

really did Dave they don’t like PB ends

but that put that out there um however

they can still work they still do work

in some situations and in here I show

you how they still work and how to do it

to kind of fly under the radar so that

they do provide juice and you provide

reward like ranking benefits and how do

i centrally just set up upp ends and go

out and buy PP ends if you still want to

use PP ends essentially I was trying to

simplify it as much as possible and the

major things you want to look for like

recent traffic’s high metrics clean

backlinks and also clean archive history

so something that hasn’t been spammed

before it has a lot of power and still

as show sign that Google liked it right

before it expires so if Google liked it

and it was sending traffic right before

expired typically that is a good domain

so the next steps also covered in the

guide is like hey once you buy it what

do you do with it and it’s all this

setup and everything so we have a whole

series on how to do that inside traffic

research and then after that I was like

hey I’ve gone way to gray area now I

need to go back into the white and I

showed you what it is person personally

one of my favorite techniques talking

about impossible backlinks now this is a

series that I absolutely adore because

this is this is my preferred link

building methods and also I did a case

study at the end of the year which is

coming up soon that covers me doubling

the traffic and one of the major links

that I got when I was doubling the

traffic is gonna be impossible backlinks

so you want to see this these this

series of impossible backlinks for on

how to get all mostly in a repeatable

manner some of the best backlinks on the

entire internet so these are the white

hat links that you could sleep well at

night but they’re also the white hat

links that give you the most

oomph that they are the ones that will

help you double their traffic on your

website these are the strongest

backlinks on the Internet and not

everyone can get them this is why you

follow this guide follow this series

mission impossible links part 1

impossible links part 2 this is I think

it’s under under under appreciated maybe

you’re just undervalued or people don’t

realize how powerful these links could

possibly be so moving on also it wasn’t

just core stuff I also want to throw in

some tricks and some like quick boosts

so we talked about how we could use

services and you know my co-workers to

do to get quick ranking boosts and as I

mentioned I’m not

content with theory we actually did it

so I always if I can I will do a mini

case study or I’ll just show you it how

in it would looks in action and we were

able to raise ranking of a website from

position 22 pushes in 14 with mobile

traffic now this said the gyro it went

crazy actually went higher than a

position 14 I think it went and it went

on to page 1 with absolutely no

backlinks completely crazy and then I

stopped and then the traffic obviously

the rankings went down after I stopped

but they stayed for a very very long

time I think I stayed for like two two

months or so or one or two months and

after that there started going back to

where they I guess they belong so this

was super fun super interesting and once

again this is really like I show you

step by step by step this is not just

theory this is tried tested and true and

that’s what I really am committed to

bringing you guys it’s not only like

saying hey this works no no this works I

did it here’s how I did it and here’s

the proof that it works I hope you guys

are enjoying this this format this type

of information takes more time obviously

but I believe it’s worth it also finally

one of the like things that we did is

not only brand new things that people

hadn’t seen before but also revisiting

core SEO materials so things like anchor

text I had talked about that in the past

but it needed some updating as I went

back I did a huge analysis looked at all

the top results like the top the things

the highly competitive keywords ranking

number one number two number three like

what were they doing so I did a big

analysis over many many many keywords

finding the trends in anchor text and

updated the anchor text strategy to help

you rank as as high as possible with

your links and also went into the theory

of like the type of link building that

you want to do depending on if it’s a a

it’s a high competition term versus a

low competition term alright also

another thing that was this was really

fun this is like ninja techniques to

help you grow your site and generate

more revenue so this was I got such

really good feedback off this video

surprisingly like good feedback a lot of

people really really enjoyed this so if

you haven’t seen it go check out eazy

sure thing money keywords for your site

essentially how to find ez almost

guaranteed wins this was it says

essentially finding keywords you haven’t

written about written about before that

are almost guaranteed to work when you

put on your on your site so this was

really fun kind of a nifty thing that a

lot of things it’s real good I think

it’s because it was simple it wasn’t

it’s not that hard it’s simple it’s just

that most people haven’t done it and if

you do it you’re gonna get great results

it doesn’t take that much time so go

check it out super fun is this fine how

to find keywords that you should write

about that your site is primed to rank

for that you just haven’t covered and

you have the authority you have the

backlinks you have absolutely everything

you’re just missing the content you just

slap that content down there and see

success this was a lot of fun to make

and of course one of the biggest case

studies of the year was content versus

links so it learned a lot of really good

information on this and I’m actually in

the process of making it another giant

case that you hope you guys excited

about that and inside we talked about

content how it impacts rankings I talked

about links how to impact rankings how

to put everything together I’ve learned

a lot and I’m actually still working on

this and I also by the way we doubled

the traffic in the case study and I show

you the exact recipe that I used to

double the traffic so not only do you

have a case study where we learn a lot

of stuff but then I give you actionable

steps on how to execute and how to get

the best results possible so my name is

Eric elantris it’s been a hell of a year

I hope you guys have enjoyed the ride

hope you guys have learned a lot and I

hope you guys are looking forward to all

the really cool things that are about to

come very shortly in fact I’m running

many many many more tests right now and

actually have some test results that

I’ve come in that I’m super excited and

to share about with you guys so if you

have questions comments anything below

anything you want leave it below or talk

about it in the forums my name is Eric

Landers and I will talk to you soon


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